Data processing Units are specially designed to automate the milk collection process with easy billing and accountability in the Milk collection centers.

It gives you high performance and reliability on a state of the art hardware platform and lets you automate your business with ease.

  • 4 line graphics display
  • 2 inch thermal printer
  • Régional language Printing support
  • Auto and Manual Entry Indication in collection slip and shift summary report.
  • 48 key soft touch keyboard and Supports external IBM PC PS2 keyboard
  • Direct USB pen drive can be attached to Import and Export data..
  • Supports external 40 Col / 80 Col dot matrix printer.
  • Inbuilt battery with 16 hours idle time and 1000 bill operation time.
  • Inbuilt battery charger.
  • 4 level password protection for setup and reports.
  • Reports

  • • Shift summary report
  • • Member wise periodic report
  • • Payment registers and Bonus register
  • • Local sale report.
  • • Rate chart report and Members List.
  • Individual password for field personnel.
  • Real time clock.
  • Paper feed setting to reduce the Milk collection slip length.
  • 3 Programmable font sizes.
  • PC connectivity through Serial port to Connect Milk Analyzers and weighing Scales.
  • Free software to upload / download data from PC to machine.
  • Light weight and attractive ABS plastic body.
  • Separate rate charts for cow and Buffalo.
  • Rate chart types:
  • FAT, FAT Vs SNF Total Solids(TS)
  • For All Type of rate charts Import and Export option is available for easy operation.
  • Can copy Members names, Rate charts and all the reports data to USB pen drive in MS EXCEL readable format
  • Milk Collection slip can be printed in local language.
  • All 80 Column reports can also be printed in any local language.
  • Programmable header footer messages.
  • Support for bar code scanners
  • Send SMS to farmers at very minimal cost (Optional).

  • GPRS/GSM Features and Advantages


    • GPRS and GSM Board is required in the DPU
    • SIM card with GPRS and SMS Pack
    • Internet Connection with Static IP address for central server (Regular internet connection l IP address will be changing very frequently) to establish communication between DPU and SERVER.
    • One PC with Windows 7 or Windows XP with Service pack3 operating system (for Server)
    • SQL Server and DPU data Collection Software will be running in the Back end (Software will be provided at free of cost)


    • Milk Collection details will be sent to Farmer Mobile number at the time of Milk collection
    • Milk Collection data will be sent to Centralized Server through GPRS without any data Loss.
    • Export Account Information from Central Server to DPU
    • Export Rate Chart  from Central Server to DPU
    • Automatic and manual Data synchronization modes.
    • Shift summary /Member wise/ payment reports will be generated in the Excel format.


    • Milk Collection data will reach the SERVER before the Milk reaches to the CC/Dairy.
    • Data manipulation will not be possible in the DPU at VLCC end.
    • No need to visit VLCC’s every time to get Milk collection data
    • No need to Visit VLCC’s for changing rate chart every time.
    • A copy of VLCC’s data will be available in the Server all the time for ready reference
    • This feature can be implemented in the existing DPU’s also.


    • We can send email to the preferred mail addresses
    • Email with Collection report as an attachment in Excel format.